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MalOPlus™ TeleServices Inc. is a fully virtual business from start (recruitment) to finish (invoice payments), and everything in between. We work-from-home; conduct our meetings virtually; share files virtually; do our accounting and taxes virtually. This allows us to save enormously on commercial space rental; utilities and other employees based expenses. This has been our reality since 1998.  We know the Dos and DON’Ts of operating a cloud company and over the years, we have passed on that experience to our clients. We have coached business owners who wanted to take that leap of technology. Although there are many benefits, it is not for everyone. And although we believe that ALL businesses can be TeleConverted, some businesses can only be partially converted, based on their business model.  


Our process is simple. We will begin by evaluating the feasibility and benefits of a Business TeleConversion® for your business. If the evaluation renders an affirmative result, we help automate your business through the use of tried and tested virtual solutions, specific to your industry, then our  team of experienced dynamic tele-professionals will help implement the plan and will train your staff to productively work-from-home OR, we can give you a plan to Do-It-Yourself with your team.


Can your company benefit from such a structure?


Is there a department right now in your business that can be fully virtualized and thus, cut your costs?


If so, MalOPlus™ TeleServices' Business TeleConversion® program is your answer.


We will design and implement a plan to help you make a seamless transition to partial or full virtual business operations through our trademarked Business TeleConversion® solution.


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BUSINESS TeleConversion® 


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Business TeleConversion®

How It Works

Since 1998, MalOPlus TeleServices has been helping small businesses harness the power of technology to convert their Business models to partial or full virtual businesses. This video presentation shows you How.

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MalOPlus™ is represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to the development of small & medium-sized businesses, offering alternative solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  MalOPlus Professionals all work from home, solving everyday challenges faced by small businesses, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

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