MalOPlus™ TeleServices are, first and foremost, 100% remote services.  Our team of professionals work from home, remotely executing the work. 


MalOPlus™  OutSourcing offers on-call, onsite, interim or occasional outsourcing services geared to small and medium-sized businesses. Our home-based professionals come physically at your office to execute the work contractually.


Small and Medium-sized business evaluation, restructuring, strategic plans, business development and consultation services offered by seasoned consultants through MalOPlus™ Group inc., our management consulting division. 

      4 EASY STEPS...


Book a 1 hour Consultation, for a Business Evaluation Survey. We can review your current state to make suggestions or begin a plan.


Get a Business Evaluation Survey report, based on the service you requested and the answers you provided.

DECIDE on PLAN ''A'' : Do It Yourself, with Your Team

After a few exchanges, in person or remotely, a Do-It-Yourself Customized Implementation Plan will be designed around the decisions you'll make upon reviewing the BES report in Step 2.

Or CHOOSE  PLAN ''B'' : HIRE MalOPlus™ to EXECUTE the plan

If you prefer, use MalOPlus™  work-from-home Professionals to execute the plan for you.

MalOPlus Group inc.

MalOPlus™ Group Inc. is the consultation division. It focuses on business evaluations and on the development of new strategies to re-organize or expand your business.


MalOPlus™ Group’s specific consultation services are as follows:



MalOPlus™ Group Inc services usually begin with an initial 1 hour consultation.

MalOPlus TeleServices inc

MalOPlus™ TeleServices Inc. specializes in 100% virtual administrative, accounting, marketing, business development solutions and integration.  We fully work-from-home.


​As a virtual business solutions provider and integrator, MalOPlus™ TeleServices’ team can help you make a seamless transition from traditional business activities, to partial or full cloud business operations. This means, we help businesses either :

(1) hire fully equipped work-from-home professionals,



(2) convert their current  business model and staff to partial or full work-from-home structures, without compromising the quality of the work or service they render. 


We can train you and your employees to work-from-home and continue producing the same quality of work you were doing when in-office.


MalOPlus™TeleServices service categories are:


MalOPlus OutSourcing inc.

MalOPlus™ services are, first and foremost, remote services.  Our team of professionals work remotely to execute the work.  However, we accept occasional short-term, sporadic on-site jobs through our MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc division.


MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc offers on-call/on-demand administrative and accounting services to be completed in-office.  We come in, as independent professionals, to do the work onsite and then leave.


MalOPlus™ OutSourcing’s specific services are as follows:


MalOPlus™ Benefits


  • Harness technology to work for YOU

  • Reduce your overhead costs by 25% or more

  • Partner with experienced work-from-home professionals and telecommuting coaches

  • Get affordable outsourcing rates from local telecommuting professionals

  • Access unbeatable Price-Quality services

  • Obtain customized strategic plans that fit your specific needs

  • Explore multiple and flexible solutions that fit your budget

  • Opt for Non-Exclusive or Exclusive services

  • Work with a Dynamic Team of Work-from-Home Professionals

  • Quality Control assurance

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Working-from-home since 1998.

Helping businesses convert their in-office workforce to a telecommuting team, since 1998.


A network of accounting and administrative professionals equipped to simplify your accounting process and administrative activities.


      A diversified group of marketing & programming experts available for your projects.


      Heading 1


      MalOPlus is a great match to our services.You've helped us recruit some of the best virtual assistants our company has ever hired, that's why we keep coming back to you as our company grows. Thanks!

      - Sonia Jack,

      Small Business Owner

      We've been using MalOPlus virtual professionals since 2000 as integral parts of our team, and we've never looked back! Everything we need is offered by your company, so thank you.

      - John Hughes, V-P Sales & Marketing

      Thank You to Brigitte and her team for coming in to manage and save our business, especially our accounting department. We were, admittedly, all over the place. But not anymore thanks to MalOPlus!

      - Donna Parks, Community Organizer



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      MalOPlus™ is represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to the development of small & medium-sized businesses, offering alternative solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  MalOPlus Professionals all work from home, solving everyday challenges faced by small businesses, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

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