Over the years, we’ve had to assist many entrepreneurs start their business. We also get regular questions from new business owners. Many of these questions and requests are the same, and so we decided to develop a program targeting Start-up businesses, helping them harness our knowledge to advance their business project.


We designed the StartUp Business Self-Evaluation (SUBSE) program exclusively for business owners who are still in the start-up phase of their business project. It’s worth mentioning that some businesses are in their start-up phase even after a few years of operations, because they just never took the time to properly ''structure'' the business. So whether you are still in the ''Idea Mode'' (pre-start-up), or you've already started but are all over the place and you're just winging-it for now, or maybe you've been selling your products/services but the rest of your business departments (Accounting, Staff, Administration, Customer service, Sales, Marketing, Production, and so on...) are in a mess...

If you recognize yourself in this brief description, then you need this StartUp Business Self-Evaluation. It is designed with You in mind, to help you quickly get organized so you can AFFORDABLY & QUICKLY operate your business like the Big-Corporations while remaining small.


Book your Start-Up Business Self-Evaluation appointment by sending a Service Request today. You will be able to speak with a MalOPlus Business Advisor about your specific situation as soon as needed.


























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