MalOPlus™ services are, first and foremost, remote services.  Our team of professionals work remotely to execute the work.  However, we accept occasional short-term, sporadic onsite jobs through our MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc division.  We come in, as independent professionals, to do the work onsite and then leave. Of course, you can choose to use our services long-term or we can help you find permanent onsite employees or freelancers.  

Our On-Call/On-Demand services are as follows*:


  • Temporary Replacements: Sick or Parental Leave, Vacations

  • Contractual Projects: monthly, quarterly or annual contract

  • Recurring Projects

  • Part-time Mandates: Short-term or long-term

  • Special Projects


Send a Service Request today, so you can speak with a MalOPlus Business Advisor about your specific situation.  

On-Call/On-Demand Professionals


The members of the MalOPlus Dynamic Team are all fully bilingual, North-American, professionals averaging 15+ years experience in their respective careers.  Our professionals each run a fully equipped operational home-office. We've mastered Art of working virtually. It takes a unique kind of person to be able to productively work remotely, and we've been doing it well, for years.


With a team of multi-lingual North-American professionals, in various disciplines, work shifts and time zones at your disposal; it's easier than ever to open your company to new international markets.


Our On-Call/Onsite service terms slightly vary from the virtual ones.


The structure for all our On-call/Onsite services and projects are as follows:



9am to 5pm/6pm;  hours based on your requirements. East to West coasts time zones, based on the location of your business. If we do not have onsite professionals in your area, you may want to explore the virtual alternatives to these services.



Perfectly Bilingual, English & French | English & Spanish



Assignmnet Supervisors conduct sporadic telephone or video calls during work hours.



We usually come-in with our own work equipment, depending on the work to be done. However, some clients prefer the contractor to use their in-house systems.



Our management professionals travel, as needed, to perform the work required of them, although their main ‘‘office’’ is home-based.*



New assignments start based on your preferences. We usually recommend starting on the 1st and 15th of the month, if possible, to follow the payment cycle.


Do you already know what you are looking for?   ASK FOR A QUOTE




If we do not have onsite professionals in your area, you may want to explore our 100% virtual services as alternatives to these services.


* Certain conditions apply. Prices may change without notice. MalOPlus Professionals actively work on multiple client accounts.




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