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MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc. offers BPO and RPO services, and also provides on-call administrative,  accounting and Marketing services, which can be completed onsite, in your office.  We come in, as independent professionals, to assist in solving your problems, and then leave. Therefore, you do not have any payroll cost associated with our services.


On-Call | On Demand Executive Assistants


Get immediate professional administrative services; short to long term, sporadic or recurring projects.


Our On-Demand Executive Assistants will do your secretarial tasks; typing, transcribing, editing, proofreading, word processing, presentation set-up and calendar management; translation, data entry, database management, administrative department set-up (organizing the full department), writing of corporate procedures, training of administrative staff, events coordination and much more.


Many clientswho are new to 'virtual assistance' services, start with an on-site service and eventually, as they get comfortable with their MalOPlus Professional and our company, they eventually become more open to partially or fully tele-converting their operations.


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On-Call | On Demand Bookkeeping


Depending on your size and your specific accounting needs, our Bookkeeping Professionals can come in to complete your accounting tasks daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call whenever you need them. 


Your MalOPlus Bookkeeper can :

  • Set-up your accounting system

  • Set-up remote access for your virtual team

  • Integrate any customization features

  • Set-up & integrate your online accounting or billing system

  • Conduct Maintenance

  • Train You or Your in-house staff


We’ve partnered with some of the most cost-effective Accountanting firms in town to refer our clients.  These Accountanting firms will take care of closing your fiscal year, produce and sign your financial statements, and prepare your annual corporate income tax obligations.


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Staffing Services


While we are an outsourcing service provider, thus work for you as independent contractors, many of our clients ask us to recruit in-house employees, after they have been established and can now afford a full-time, permanent employee.  We help you find that perfect candidate. And since recruiting is not our only service; we can offer you the Best Rates in the industry!


But in most cases, clients come to us because they are looking to directly hire serious, well established, independent professionals in fields relating to our services.  We have a network of hundreds of experienced remote professionals and have been hiring them since 1998. So we know a thing or two on the secret to hiring the right remote professional.


Indeed, the recruiting process to find a 'remote' worker is very different from finding in-house employees. The profile of a successful work-from-home profesional differs from that of a good in-office employee.  Working remotely, from home, is NOT for everyone and many ''good'' employees have failed at it. Knowing this, many small business owners come to MalOPlus to find, or to get assistance in the hiring process of, independent professionals.


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