On-Call Bookkeeping 


Depending on your size and your specific accounting needs, our Bookkeeping Professionals can come in to complete your accounting tasks daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call whenever you need them.

Your MalOPlus™ On-call Bookkeepers* can :

  • Set-up your accounting system

  • Set-up  access for your  team

  • Integrate any customization features

  • Set-up & integrate your online accounting or billing system

  • Conduct Maintenance

  • Train you or your  staff

Optional Service:

  • Annual Corporate Tax Preparation: We’ve partnered with some of the most cost-effective Accounting firms in
    town to refer our clients.  These Accounting firms will take care of closing your fiscal year, produce and sign your financial statements, and prepare your annual corporate income tax obligations.





* Certain conditions apply. Prices may change without notice. Tele-Professionals actively manage multiple client accounts.




You may also want to explore this alternative service if you want the same service, at a more affordable rate, or if you live in an area where there aren't any MalOPlus™ professionals of this discipline to help you onsite.





























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