Free 1 Hour Consultation


MalOPlus™ Group Inc services usually begin with a Free 1 hour consultation to understand your current needs, history and future goals. Within 2-5 business days, you will receive a free Initial Business Evaluation report presenting our quick observations & recommendations to set a direction towards realizing the desired work. 


We then prepare a detailed, step-by-step, implementation plan that you can easily implement with your current team, or if the budget allows it, hire a project manager or our team to execute the work for you.


We always work with a detailed plan and follow the client’s budget, so all the parties involved know what to expect and the Board of Directors can understand, verify and measure the work.  Our projects vary greatly, but here’s a short list:


  • Business Automation:  simplification of Administrative and Accounting procedures, to cut costs thorugh the use of virtual tools.

  • Special Campaigns: Fundraising, Telephone or  Online campaigns

  • Develop or Improve Procedures: Automation and simplification of Administrative, Accounting & Marketing  procedures, to cut costs

  • Organize or Coordinate  Events - online and offline events : Golf tournaments, Diners, Conferences, Seminars and Conventions

  • Develop strategies to increase memberships and clients

  • Develop sponsorship or partnership programs

  • Develop Business, Marketing or Strategic  Plans

  • Train staff, volunteers, Executive Directors, and also Board members

  • Conduct Market Research, Surveys or Special Industry Analysis projects

  • And many more…


What can we do for your business?


Well it’s simple: we help you cut overhead costs  and save valuable employee time by 25% to 50%, sometimes even more, after a simple free business evaluation & analysis.  


MalOPlus™ Group Inc consultation services are as follows:


  • Business Evaluation and Consultation

  • Industry-Based Marketing Plans

  • Business & Strategic Plans

  • Start-up Business Development Programs

  • Small Business Expansion Programs

  • Not-for-Profit Development

  • Business Incorporation ~ Canada & USA

  • Development of new procedures and related training


Send a Service Request today, so you can speak with a Business Advisor about your specific situation. The Business Advisor will get you started with a Free consultation right away, if you're ready.

Non-Profit Organizations


We have a dedicated team specialized on providing services to NFOs. For over 10 years, this team has worked with NPOs of all sizes, private and public, in various industries, many of which have local, national and international divisions.  Most mandates are contractual,  developing and restructuring the organization.  Projects vary for each client based on their specific needs and budget, and can be of a short or long term.


The typical NPO projects we are called to design, develop or complete are:


  • Fundraising Campaigns: Events, Telephone campaigns, Online campaigns

  • Automation and simplification of Administrative and Accounting procedures

  • Organize Events: Golf tournament, Diners, Conferences, Seminars and Networking events

  • Develop strategies to increase membership and membership retention

  • Develop sponsorship programs

  • Train staff members, volunteers, Executive Directors, and Board members

  • Market research and special survey projects


Send a Service Request today, so you can speak with a Business Advisor about your specific situation.

Small & Medium Size Business


MalOPlus™ Group Inc.'s services are designed for small businesses.


The benefits of using MalOPlus™ services are:


  • Flexible Services: Onsite or Remote

  • Diversified Services: Accounting, Administration, Recruiting, Graphic Design and Web Development

  • Temporary or Permanent services With or Without contract*

  • On Call services, as needed

  • Short or medium term services: weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly

  • Up to 60%* savings with non-exclusive services

  • Business programs for start-up and expanding enterprises

  • Trilingual Services: French, English and/or Spanish*

  • Multi-disciplinary Team: Build your own team of multidisciplinary professionals, at a fraction of the cost!


Send a Service Request today, so you can speak with a Business Advisor about your specific situation.

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