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All MalOPlus™ consulting services begin with a 1 hour Business Evaluation Survey.  You can set your own  1 hour, one-on-one appointment, with a MalOPlus™ Business Advisor at your earliest convenience for any of our consulting services:


  • 360° Business Evaluation Survey

  • Startups Business Evaluation

  • Non-Profits Business Evaluation

  • Business Automation  Evaluation & Feasibility

  • Small-Medium Business Evaluation

  • Business TeleConversion® Evaluation & Feasibility


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STEP 1: Book an initial Consultation


The end product of the initial consultation is a Business Evaluation Survey report (BES report). Within 2-14 business days of your initial consultation, you will receive the Business Evaluation Survey report as part of your order when you  book the consultation.  No matter the  service you selected for your consult, you will have 2 types of BES reports to choose from:


i) Business Evaluation Survey – Results (BESR)

The raw results of your evaluation, your score in comparison to other similar organizations, our quick observations and short list of potential avenues to resolve your situation.


ii) Business Evaluation Observations & Recommendations (BEOR):

This report analyses the results of your BES in more details. It elaborates on each observation made, details 1 to 5 recommendations to resolve each challenge, and identifies specific resources to solve the issues. This BEOR report also serves as a blueprint towards the preparation of your DIY Custom Implementation Plan for execution. 



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STEP 2: Get a Business Evaluation Report


STEP 3: DECIDE on a Do-It-Yourself CUSTOM


Upon receipt and review of your BEOR report from STEP 2, we can then prepare, if you so desire, your DIY Custom Implementation Plan. It is a customized, step-by-step, plan based on the decisions you would have made from the recommendations in your BEOR report. The implementation plan is designed in a way that can easily be executed by your own team. However, you may chose to hire a project manager or give the implementation mandate to a team of MalOPlus  professionals for execution of the plan (Step 4). 


Those who ordered a BESR report can upgrade to the BEOR. This will allow us to prepare the blueprint of your DIY Custom Implementation Plan and get the key decisions needed to design a custom plan for you.



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If you choose to hire MalOPlus to execute your Custom Implementation Plan (in STEP 3), we will always work with a detailed plan and follow your budgets. This way, all the parties involved, know what to expect and the Owner/s can understand, verify and measure the work.   Depending on the nature of your project, we will use MalOPlus professionals in these disciplines:


Virtual Professionals: 


Business Management Consultants - Remote or Onsite:


On-Call / Onsite Professionals: 



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