MalOPlus™ Group Inc. is the consultation, business strategy and business re-organization division of MalOPlus™ companies. MalOPlus™ Group’s specific services are :



What can we do for your business?


Well it’s simple! Starting with an initial 1 hour consultation, we can help you cut overhead costs and save valuable employee time by 25% to 50%, sometimes even more, after a simple business evaluation & analysis.  


Our clients are mostly:

  • Non-Profits

  • Start-ups

  • Small-Medium sized Businesses



Please review HOW MalOPlus™ WORKS to better understand our process.





MalOPlus™ Group inc usually begins with a 1 hour consultation to understand your current needs, history and future goals. Our goal is to listen to you ir order to better understand the unique challenges you are experiencing, evaluate them, and then recommend solutions that will resolve these issues within a reasonable timeline, if not immediately.



MalOPlus™ Group's most common personalized consultation services are as follows:

  • Development of new procedures and related training

  • Traditional to Cloud Business conversion: TeleConversion® services

  • Industry-Based Marketing Plans

  • Business Incorporation : Canada & USA


If you’re interested in these services,  please review HOW MalOPlus™ WORKS to better understand our process.


If you are ready for your business evaluation, BOOK your 1 hour CONSULTATION NOW!


If you do not require a consultation and you know exactly what you want ,

ASK for a QUOTE.


Do you need help deciding which service is best for you?

Send a Service Request today, so you can speak with a MalOPlus Business Advisor about your specific situation.



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MalOPlus™ is represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to the development of small & medium-sized businesses, offering alternative solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  MalOPlus Professionals all work from home, solving everyday challenges faced by small businesses, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

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A Network of Business Professionals

Through MalOPlus™ you get access to a network of Business Owners and Professionals, in various industries, simply by being a client.

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