On-Demand/Onsite Management


The members of our On-Demand/Onsite Management team are all business consultants who either own their business or owned a business at some point in their respective career fields. They’ve partnered with MalOPlus™ to diversify their portfolio of clients. All distinguished in their fields of expertise and all former executives in the corporate world, MalOPlus™ On-Demand/Onsite Managers are proficient in the Art of simplifying business challenges, managing and coaching teams, because they’ve been there and done it, over and over again. And more importantly, they’ve specialized in finding ways to make your business experience, more productive.  Although our main ‘‘offices’’ are home-based, MalOPlus™ On-Demand/Onsite Managers work in your office to execute the work.

Our On-Demand/Onsite Management services are as follows*:


  • Project Managers: Team Leaders ready to manage your projects and see them through with the budgets, timelines and resources you have set forward.


  • Business Analysts: Our Business Analysts are accredited to conduct thorough audits of specific areas of your business and give their recommendations.


  • Directors of Operations: Experienced Operations Managers to manage your small business operations.  Collectively, we’ve covered almost every industry there is.  Call us today for more information.


  • Executive Directors: A team of Managers exclusively experienced in managing and developing non-profits organizations.


What will a On-Demand/Onsite Management Professional do for you?


They will (variable per selected service):

  • Conduct Business Audits: of your Administrative, Accounting and Marketing departments

  • Develop or Improve Procedures: Automation and simplification of Administrative, Accounting & Marketing procedures, to cut costs

  • Design Special Campaigns: Fundraising, Telephone or Online campaigns

  • Organize your major events - online and offline events: Diners, Conferences, Seminars and Conventions

  • Develop strategies to increase and retain client or membership

  • Develop sponsorship or partnership programs

  • Develop Business, Marketing or Strategic Plans

  • Project Management of Special projects: Managing internal and external parties and resources

  • Train staff, volunteers and board members

  • Conduct Market Research, Surveys or Special Industry Analysis projects

  • And many more…



  • Interim or Temporary Replacements: Sick or Parental Leave, Vacations

  • Contractual Projects: monthly, quarterly or annual contract

  • Recurring or On-call projects

  • Part-time Mandates: Short-term or long-term

  • Special Projects





* Certain conditions apply. Prices may change without notice. Tele-Professionals actively manage multiple client accounts.





You may also want to explore this alternative service if you want the same service, at a more affordable rate, or if you live in an area where there aren't any MalOPlus™ professionals of this discipline to help you onsite.






























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