Since 1998 MalOPlus™ has operated as a Work-from-home (W@H) business, developing it's work-from-home concept, hiring only W@H professionals and rendering its services to businesses remotely. Since 1998, we've also been helping businesses hire work-from-home workers and integrating telecommuting options to their employment offers.


The name MalOPlus itself is an acronym for Mail Order and Plus, because, we started the business managing mail order/catalog orders for clients, stuffing enveloppes but also doing secretarial, transcription, translation and bookkeeping, all remotely, way before Internet-based stores were invented. We removed the "i" in the word "Mail Order" because we felt like MailOPlus would give the impression we're a mail service business, which obviously, we are not. The "Plus", well, that opened the door for other related services and left room for growth. But, the underlining business concept was, is, and always has been, our team works from home in their fully equipped home-based offices. We may go onsite to some clients, but they always know and agree, we work from home.

Over the years, the MalOPlus™ Brand has evolved and is now represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to small-medium sized businesses. Together, they solve everyday challenges faces by their small business clients, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions. The first MalOPlus™ division was established in 1998 but later became MalOPlus Group inc. Today, the group is composed of 3 divisions:


MalOPlus™ TeleServices Inc. (2008), specializes in 100% virtual administrative, accounting, marketing, remote business development solutions and integration;


MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc. (2010), offers BPO and RPO services and;


MalOPlus™ Group Inc. (original division in 1998, renamed to the Group in 2011), the consultation, business strategy and business re-organization division.

Our MISSION is clear. Our VISION to execute that mission has not changed since 1998. Let us help you grow your business using technology in creative ways.



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We believe quality work can be rendered as effectively, if not more, from the comfort of our own home-based-office.
The technology is there;
The Environment needs it;
Our Lifestyle demands it;
Overhead costs are slashed by it;
And our Health is protected by it.
So we Hire, Train and Refer Work-from-home professionals to businesses who dare to be different.



We aim to help thousands of  businesses, small or large, in every industry possible, to harness the power of technology by automating their business processes and hiring work-from-home professionals .



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MalOPlus™ is represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to the development of small & medium-sized businesses, offering alternative solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  MalOPlus Professionals all work from home, solving everyday challenges faced by small businesses, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

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