The Business Evaluation Survey (BES) is conducted as an  hour Consultation with a MalOPlus Consultant. Depending on the consultation service you chose, we will be analyzing up to 9 segments of your business in a questionnaire format. 


Services that are offered by first completing a Business Evaluation Survey are:



BES Consultation Reports


The end-result of the Business Evaluation Survey will be a report based on the type of consultation service you chose, derived from the hour you spent with the MalOPlus Consultant. Our team will prepare a report for you, as a result of that consultation. It is includedas part of consultation fees. You have two categories of reports, depending on the level of information you seek from your Business Evaluation.


(1) The Business Evaluation Survey Results (BESR) report*

The BES Results report, offers the raw results from the consult. It’s an overall review of your situation, identification of key focal points and quick directions you can explore to solve the challenges you’re facing.


Please be sure to select the proper report category on the left-side menu, i.e. ''Consults with BESR Reports''.



(2) The Business Evaluation Observations & Recommendations (BEOR) report*

The BEOR report is a detailed review of our observations & recommendations to resolving your situation asap. It gives you a clear blueprint to follow, in addition to minutely reviewing the results of your evaluation. You’ll have important decisions to make after your review of this report.


Please be sure to select the proper report category on the left-side menu, i.e. ''Consults with BEOR Reports''.



Both reports offer observations and avenues of solutions to the challenges you presented. Of course, one is more thorough then the other, hence the difference in price.  BESR and BEOR are payable you book your consultation. 


When you book a consultation, you will receive instructions on what to prepare for the meeting in order to maximize the results of the consultation. By being prepared, you can fully benefit from this business evaluation, get an accurate, unbiased, report of your business from a third party and, solutions immediately applicable to remedy your issues.






* Certain conditions apply. Prices may change without notice. 




























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