MalOPlus™ provides tele-solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses explore alternative solutions to minimize their administrative and operating costs.


Our team is built of home-based professionals, experienced in completing white-collar jobs remotely from their fully operational home-offices or occasionnally working in-office .


All our services have a ‘‘virtual’’ aspect to them.  It is this characteristic that sets us apart from our competitors and also helps reduce your operating costs. We’ve been working from home since 1998.


Tele-work, virtual work, remote work, telecommute, work-from-home, are all synonyms of work that is rendered outside of the client’s office.  MalOPlus™ services are invoiced à la carte, per item, per project, per contract, in time blocks and/or on a bi-monthly/monthly term.


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Our MISSION is clear. Our VISION to execute that mission has not changed since 1998. Let us help you grow your business using technology in creative ways.



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MalOPlus™ is represented by a group of outsourcing companies whose services are geared to the development of small & medium-sized businesses, offering alternative solutions in the fields of accounting, administration, marketing and e-commerce.  MalOPlus Professionals all work from home, solving everyday challenges faced by small businesses, through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

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Together we reach Your goals

Two heads are better than one... Well with MalOPlus™ you have access to a network of professionals as your Mastermind, all an integral part of our service to you. You can hire them directly for your business.

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