Founded in 1998 by Helene Lokoka-Karratt, the MalOPlus brand and team have evolved over the years. Our team is now composed of  fully bilingual, North-American, professionals averaging 15+ years experience in their respective careers. 


We are fully experienced and equipped to work remotely or onsite, as independents.


Our team is composed of tele-professionals, internally referred to as MOPPs (MalOPlus Professionals) and IMOPPs (Independent MalOPlus Professionals). MOPPs are members who have earned a permanent status with the company and now have their own permanent client folios, working full-time. IMOPPs are on call tele-professionals recruited to work on contractual accounts until they work their way up to a permanent status.


Our  network is composed of :


  • Business consultants & strategists

  • Administrative Assistants, Onsite & Virtual

  • Remote Receptionists / Telephone Operators(Tri-lingual)

  • Telephone Sales Agents

  • Bookkeepers, Onsite & Virtual

  • Remote Accounting Integrators 

  • Marketing Consultants, Onsite & Virtual

  • Virtual Marketers

  • Graphic Designers, Onsite & Virtual

  • Web Developers

  • Virtual Systems Providers

  • Virtual Tools Specialists

  • And many more…


We are proficient in using the power of the Internet and virtual technologies to help each client prosper and realize their goals.


Send us your business Wish List and we will make it happen. 


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