MalOPlus Group

The MalOPlus™ group of companies offer outsourcing solutions to small and  medium-sized businesses, solving their problems through a mixture of remote and onsite solutions.

MalOPlus™ Group Inc. is the consultation division. It focuses on business evaluations and on the development of new strategies to re-organize or expand your business.


MalOPlus™ Group Inc services usually begin with a Free 1 hour consultation to understand your current needs, history and future goals.


MalOPlus TeleServices

MalOPlus™ TeleServices Inc. specializes in 100% virtual administrative, accounting, marketing, business development solutions and integration.

As a virtual business solutions provider and integrator, MalOPlus™TeleServices Inc. can help you make a seamless transition from traditional business activities, to partial or full virtual business operations. With today’s technological advancements, businesses are able to become recession-proof by reinventing themselves through the integration of permanent cost-effective virtual solutions.


MalOPlus OutSourcing

MalOPlus™ OutSourcing Inc. offers BPO and RPO services, and also provides on-call administrative,  accounting and Marketing services, which can be completed onsite, in your office.  We come in, as independent professionals, to assist in solving your problems, and then leave. Therefore, you do not have any payroll cost associated with our services.


MalOPlus team members are experienced Professionals in their disciplines, who depending on your preference; can work at your office or remotely.


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Together we reach Your goal

Two heads are better than one... Well with MalOPlus™ you have access to a network of professionals as your Mastermind, all an integral part of our service to you. You can hire them directly for your business.

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